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Different types of content are licensed differently.


Text I've authored on this website is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. They live as Markdown files in the source repository. Text on the blog is licensed under the same.


The look and feel of this website is licensed under the Mozilla Public Licence, version 2.0. As the MPL-2.0 is a file-based licence, each individual file has a notice, usually in a comment form, stating its licensing status. In the source repository, these files live under the themes directory.

Software and hardware

Each individual project specifies licensing terms and conditions separately. Especially in projects with multiple contributors, my own contributions may fall under the same prevailing licence as the project or a less-restrictive licence compatible with the prevailing licence.

Images and media

There are currently no such content types on this website. Licensing will be determined when they inevitably do appear.

General disclaimer

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