There are a few ways to contact me, with email being the best option. However, there are caveats.

Social media

The fediverse is in the works.


I check multiple email accounts, all of which save for the business business and academic mailboxes are under this domain.

Personal enquiries include your stereotypical "spare time" stuff, generally. So that means club stuff, ham radio, open source, etc. Use this address for one-on-ones, or small groups for that matter. Website enquiries also go here.

Mailing lists use a dedicated address unless the mailing list software in use is stupid. My academic emails are for University and University-adjacent use, thus they are not shown here.

Business enquiries fall under two categories: those pertaining to services offered under my consulting company Wahgwan Industry Limited and those that don't. For the former category, head over there, and for the latter, here you go.

All mail sent to any of these boxes get read if it isn't spam, so don't worry about sending to the wrong box. However, replies, if warranted, will come from the most appropriate account.


My nick is either vishwin or vishwin_. Usually hang out on freenode but sometimes hide on EFnet and some other networks for specific purposes. Use this if you want a more immediate response to something technical, given that I am monitoring at the time.

Other chat services

I'm part of a few Discord servers. You know who you are.

I refuse to use Slack with a passion. Except for those two workspaces because they are corporate-ish organisations. Again, you know who you are.

I'm in the process of setting up a Matrix homeserver.

Amateur (ham) radio

The callsign is K3CL. I regularly check into a bag of phone (voice) nets, but other than that I don't tend to talk on the radio. Don't expect to find me on HF (shortwave) either.

I'm more likely testing some sort of experimental digital transmission or demodulating somebody else's transmission on UHF and up, so if you want a guinea pig for testing, holla.


Those who have my phone number know it already.