About me

If you haven't caught the drift yet, my name is Charlie.

Why does this site look so shitty?

Maddox from The Best Page in the Universe has already explained my reasoning despite this site not hosting nearly as much traffic as he does. It would be a waste of effort for me and you, the reader, to reiterate nearly the exact same reasoning poorly.

Back to myself…

I'm a technologist who hails from eastern Pennsylvania, bouncing between the Philadelphia area and northeast PA on the regular. Most of the time I'm hacking on something (including non-technical stuff), in the scratching-itches department. Lots of itches.

I do business via my consulting company, Wahgwan Industry Limited. Over there we tackle business problems with an open source, holistic approach that not only solves said problems, but also excite and empower.

I am also in school to eventually earn my Professional Engineering licence.

I try to document most of my activities, outside of the company and education, on this site. Have a look around!