Once upon a time, I only cared about software. I still do, but the world is far more than just software, which by the way, needs to serve specific purposes and have platforms to run on. So this page encompasses anything and everything I've had the privilege of getting my dirty hands on. Even if it ultimately blows up.

The code that I start and work on by myself are by default released under open source licences, so you can inquire, learn and demolish as you please (within reason).

I created

I maintain

Arch Linux AUR packages.


It has its own page.


Also on its own page.

Penn State stuff




Although the git repos on this here site are all mirrored on my github, the github copies are by default read-only. That means I ignore all pull requests, issues, etc. Please email any issues, requests and patches. I hope to eventually set up a Bugzilla when the time and need arises.