There are a few ways to contact me, but email is best.


I have 3.5 email accounts I check on a regular basis, each for different purposes.

There's an account for business and engineering purposes. This includes most technical communication, job-related communication and other formal business, unless such has to do with purposes covered in the following mailboxes. Initiate business and engineering communication here.

There's my personal account, which is for everything other than what's intended for the above email excepting academic communication. This is where to send inquiries about open source/community projects, including personal projects and those I maintain. Personal communication goes here; send patches for my software here.

There's my Penn State account, which is intended for academic use only. Initiate academic communication here.

The fourth account, whose address I will not mention here, is used for non-Penn State mailing list and newsgroup communication. Since list archives are pretty much public (and with the numerous anti-harvesting measures taken there already), I prefer to have something to identify myself with other than the email accounts I actually check. Plus it looks cool.

I would prefer that when sending mail, that you send in plain text. No, seriously, plain text, with zero formatting like changing colours, text sizes and embedded images (attach those separately please if absolutely necessary); bolds and italics can be expressed just fine in plain text. Even if you think the contents of your email contain solely text, you may still be composing email with HTML in it. Please triple check the format of your message before sending. I won't necessarily bite your head off if you send HTML-formatted mail unintentionally, but HTML email leads me to examine it first for things completely unrelated to your message!

Unlike most Internet users as of this writing, I stay away from managing my email with webmail software (although I have a Google Mail account, I don't read anything using its webmail interface) and stick to good ol' mail clients, specifically Mozilla Thunderbird and mutt on the desktop and K-9 Mail on mobile. So when I need to read my mail in the terminal, and an improperly formatted HTML message comes up, it looks extremely shitty and I most likely won't acknowledge it.

Social media

Follow me on twitter.

I also have a LinkedIn, but you'll need to find that on your own. Same goes with certain other profiles of mine.


I hang out on freenode IRC as my schedule permits. I appear as if I'm always connected, but that's because of this awesome piece of software.

Snail mail and telephone

My postal address changes quite frequently. But even if it doesn't, I'm not publicly posting it. If you have good cause for needing to know such information, particularly for sending me stuff, email me.

The same ground rule applies to the phone, albeit my digits rarely change, if ever. Actual telephone and SMS usage to me are almost solely restricted to making relatively short-term plans in a hurry, or to have a real conversation that eventually results in (hopefully) quick action when meeting in-person is not an option.